District 7720 Hosts First RLI Event


The twenty-five students who attended the Rotary Leadership Institute Training Program in Greenville, NC, September 17 finished the challenging day as enthusiastic about the program as when they entered in the morning.

As one attendee put it, “The faculty and staff kept us challenged all day long.  The classes were fun and we did not realize how much we were learning at the same time.  There were a lot of ideas that I learned from fellow students that I will take back to my club.  Those ideas ranged from small changes to our meetings to some very profound thoughts on how to raise funds.  The campus at Pitt Community College was ideal for learning.”

Several of the Rotarians attending were from outside District 7720.  The RLI program is consistent throughout all of the Rotary Districts so that training occurring in one district will be the same as in another district.  This allows the Rotarian to complete all three courses in less time by only having to travel a few miles more to attend an out-of-district program.

If you want to learn more about Rotary than you already know, pick up some good ideas for your club, be kept up-to-date on what is taking place at Rotary International, and be with some great and enthusiastic people, sign up for RLI.

You can find a list of upcoming events or by going to the RLIZone33 website.

A special thanks to Rotarians who assisted: PDG Lee & Ed Adams, Pitt County Interact Club with Advisor – Lauren Piner, District Training Chair – Crystal Ange, PP Frank Maynard, DGE Stan Keeler, PP Mary Vincent, DG Jim Findley.

Dave Iery

District 7720 RLI chair


Pictures bellow are our Part III Graduates


Pictures in Class from left to right; Lorna Ernst (Kitty Hawk Club) Deeda Durocher ( New Bern Breakfast Club), Linda Chagnon  (Neuse Club), Corina Wack (Murfreesboro Club), Bill Thomas (Goldsboro -Three Eagles Club), Steve Hellersperk (RLI Faculty), and Paul Olson (Oriental Club)

We were also glad to have participation from PDG Lee Adams, DG Jim Findley, and DGE Stan Keller. Jim welcomed the group during the opening session. Jim and Stan (both RLI Graduates and Faculty Members) presented the pins to our six graduates. RLI greatly appreciates the support we received from the District 7720 leadership.