A banner event was held on Saturday March 4, 2017 in Jacksonville, NC at the campus of the Coastal Carolina Community College.  We had a total of 36 participants with 18 attending Part I, 6 in Part II and 12 Rotarians graduating Part II.

Facilitators included DGE RB Richey, John T. Capps, Bob Stinson, John Halada, Gene McLendon, Joe Running, Rod Funderburk and Steve Hellersperk

It was a wonderful high energy group and a lot of fun and a bit of learning occurred too.  One RLI graduate commented that he went to the sessions as a RINO and came out as a Rotarian.  That is what it is all about.

Rotarians AG Jay Sollis and Skip Clarkson from D7730, Area 2 helped with the registrations, set-up and take down and were greatly appreciated.

Breakfast coffee and snacks, lunch and afternoon snacks were ably provided by Brewed Awakenings and enjoyed by all.   Thank you Rotarian Riva Sullivan.

Thanks go out to Don Herring who arranged the use of the facility.  Thank you Don,  It is greatly appreciated.

RLI Graduates showing us the way: Meredith Williams, Cindy Reed, Jim Wade, Doris Wallace, Bubba Sanderson, Nancy Willis, Diane Gagnan, Elizabeth Elks, Howard Funk, Mather Saikali , Skip Clarkson  and Joy Smith.  In rear:  RB Richey, DGE 7730 and John Scibal DG 7730