Brand new Rotarians and long-time service Rotarians came together in Charlotte this month to enjoy food, fun and fellowship as they learned more about Rotary, shared great ideas and took away more great ideas from each other!  The weather was raining on the outside, but the outlook was quite sunny on the inside.  There were 22 Rotarians in Part 1, which means there are now 22 Rotarians ready to attend Part 2 and take a deeper dive in the wonderful world of Rotary!
Thanks to our terrific facilitators: Ed Shearin, Bob Newton, Gene Moorhead, Alvin Lewis, Joe Running, Bob Stinson and John Halada!  Thanks also to District Governor Ineke Wilson for welcoming attendees!  Special thanks to Rotarian Jerry Coughter for providing such a lovely facility for our event!

Use the following links to pictures from the Charlotte event.  They are located on a Zone33 Flickr page.  You can view, download, and share the pictures by sending others the links.

Charlotte Event album: