RLI at – D7710/7730 District Conference

April 29-May 1, 2016 in Wilmington NC

2016-04-30 hellersperk RLI 7730-7710

RLI Table at the D7710/7730 District Conference

Were you there?

If you were not at the D710/D7730 combined District Conference on April 29 through May 1, you missed it!

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Provides a venue for new Rotarians and future Rotarian leaders to learn the intricacies about Rotary and the Foundation in informal facilitated sessions.  During the combined District 7710/7730 conference at the Riverside Hilton in Wilmington, North Carolina, RLI provided the opportunity for attending Rotarians to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk and have some fun doing it.

How do you create a service Project and donate funds?  With a water theme RLI held a raffle demonstrating Rotary math.  Featuring George Lewis, The Water Man’s paintings and a book of his paintings published by Dr, Phyllis Olmstead, plus one of George’s paintings, RLI pulled curious and interested parties in.  We offered all Rotarians a chance for $10 to help support a water project in Guatemala and win a free RLI session, plus some additional prizes.

We collected a total of $1,500.  Rotarians present supporting great causes.  You made it Happen!

The Grand Prize to one winner was:  one free RLI session, $500 in cash, 500 Foundation Recognition points and one free Oil 4 Water book, by Dr. Phyllis Olmstead.  Our winner was Bob Stinson. South Brunswick Islands Club.   Congratulations Bob.