On March 11, 23 eager Rotarians gathered in the Self Conference Center at Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood for the District 7750 Spring 2017 Rotary Leadership Institute session.   Seven facilitators from three different districts guided the students through an exciting day of learning more about Rotary and enhancing their individual leadership skills.  At he end of the day, the eight Part III participants (all from District 7750) received their highly coveted RLI Graduate pins.


We look forward to seeing lots of District 7750 Rotarians in our RLI sessions during the 2017-2018 year.  Mark your calendars now for our District–sponsored events in Duncan on October 14, 2017 and in Anderson on March 10, 2018.

Fairfax RLI – Completes 7610 events for 2016-2017

District 7610 sponsored their third RLI of the year in Fairfax, VA on March 18th.  33 Rotarians attended including a Mother-Daughter team who are the first graduates of the Alexandria West Club!   The session also graduated the first graduate ever from the Annandale and the only current graduate for the Sterling club.   The faculty included facilitators from all four of the Chesapeake districts!   Special thanks go out to our friends at George Mason University who provided the facility.

Fairfax RLI Graduates  Left to Right:  Steve Radich (7610 RLI chair beginning RY 17-18), Jason Taylor  (D7620 Silver Spring-Kensington Club), Dan Durham (7610 Lake Ridge Club), Engie Mokhtar (7610 Alexandria West Club), Judy Brittle (D7610 Sterling Club), Bob Kahane (D7610 Annandale Club), Nadia Mokhtar (D7610 Alexandria West Club), Richard Schoeder (D7610 Fairfax Club), and Hayward Hull, outgoing 7610 RLI Chair.

It’s never too late for some facilitation comments – PDG Dan Houghtaling adds a few comments for the mother-daughter graduates during the final photos

West Point VA


Successful RLI in West Point, VA

District 7610 hosted its first Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) event for Rotary Year 2016-2017 in West Point, VA on November 5th.   Six individuals from 7610 and 7600 completed their Part II seminar focusing on key aspect of Club operations.


Many Thanks to AG Ron Saunders and Steve Radich who helped set up the event.

The next District 7610 RLI event will be on February 11th in Charlottesville, VA.  For more information, see the RLI topic link on the left side of the District 7610 web page.

Part II participants left to right: AG Ron Saunders (Gloucester Point), Engie Mokhtar (Alexandria West), Nadia Mokhtar (Alexandria West), Dana Rieves D7600, Shel Douglas D7600, Rick Harmon D7600, and D7610 RLI Chair Hayward Hull (Herndon).

Part II participants left to right: AG Ron Saunders (Gloucester Point), Engie Mokhtar (Alexandria West), Nadia Mokhtar (Alexandria West), Dana Rieves D7600, Shel Douglas D7600, Rick Harmon D7600, and D7610 RLI Chair Hayward Hull (Herndon).

Great Turnout For RLI in North East Md

We had 16 new Rotarians in the program, so we had two Part I classes.  Seven completed Part II and we had Four new RLI Grads.  We had faculty participation from Virginia (PDG Steve Cook) to New Jersey (PDG Hal Daume and his wife, Linda Sausville, as well as our District staff of PDG Roger Harrell, PDG Dan Houghtaling, Tom Bickerstaff and myself.

Graduates Paul Becky, Keith Moore, Evelyn Hayes, and Tracy Reynolds with District Chair Jim Roney

Graduates Paul Becky, Keith Moore, Evelyn Hayes, and Tracy Reynolds with District Chair Jim Roney

This is our second year at Cecil College and it has turned out to be a terrific venue; easy to get to, spacious classrooms and a fine caterer.  Looking forward to coming back again in October 2017.



dsc_0422On Saturday, October 29, 21 eager Rotarians from 14 clubs across District 7750, along with six talented facilitators, gathered at the Tyger River Campus of Spartanburg Community College in Duncan, SC for a day filled with sharing ideas, learning new skills, and a lot of good Rotary fellowship.  District Governor Lance Young addressed the group in the opening session, encouraging everyone not just to learn the course materials, but to take that learning back to their clubs and make a real difference in Rotary.  All three parts of RLI training were conducted with five Rotarians earning the highly-esteemed RLI Graduate distinction.   The five new graduates are Anna Connelly and Crossie Cox from Clemson-Calhoun, Angelle LaBorde from Greenwood, and Mike Reid and Renee Stubbs from Newberry.

RLI Graduates with Gene Moorhead (left) and Burt Strange (right)

RLI Graduates with Gene Moorhead (left) and Burt Strange (right)

The next RLI event in District 7750 will be held at Piedmont Technical College in Greenwood on Saturday March 11, 2016.  Registration for this event is already open, so all interested Rotarians are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible.

Bert Strange

District 7750 Chair

Rotary Leadership Institute.

Rotarians Don’t Let Matthew Slow Them Down

Charlotte 2016 dist chair

Regional Coordinator Gene Morehead and District Chair Georgia Oakes welcomes the Rotarians. Georgia ( miss M&;M is in her Mission Matters iniform

In spite of the impending threat of bad weather resulting from Hurricane Matthew, 23 eager Rotarians from all around Zone 33 gathered at the lovely LEEDS Gold certified UNC Center City building in Charlotte on Friday, October 7th to complete one of three parts of Rotary Leadership Institute.

Charlotte 2016

District 7680 Governor Tom Smith was there to greet them and encourage them on, and returned to pin the graduates.  Sensing the enthusiasm in the room after the sessions were held, Tom asked for a show of hands on who planned now to go to the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta in 2017 and a clear majority of hands shot up!!

Charlotte 2016 DG

DG Tom Smith congratulates graduates Lee Tabor and Sean Gautam of the Charlotte Rotary Club


Mini RLI in Anderson SC



A total of 19 Rotarians began their Rotary Leadership Institute journey at a Mini-RLI event for Part I only on September 24 at the Anderson Campus of Tri-County Technical College.  Thanks to Greater Anderson Club President Don Cleveland who handled all the local arrangements.  Ten clubs were represented, with Greater Anderson leading the way with eight participants.  The discussion was free-flowing and the fellowship was inspiring.  District Chair Bert Strange and AG/Western Carolinas Regional RLI Coordinator Gene Moorhead acted as facilitators.

RLI Andersin 2


The next RLI event in the district will be held October 29 at the Tyger River Campus of Spartanburg Community College.  This will be a full event, with all three parts being offered.  Deadline for registration is Friday, October 21.  Sign up today at

The Fall Schedule Kicks Off

District 7720 Hosts First RLI Event


The twenty-five students who attended the Rotary Leadership Institute Training Program in Greenville, NC, September 17 finished the challenging day as enthusiastic about the program as when they entered in the morning.

As one attendee put it, “The faculty and staff kept us challenged all day long.  The classes were fun and we did not realize how much we were learning at the same time.  There were a lot of ideas that I learned from fellow students that I will take back to my club.  Those ideas ranged from small changes to our meetings to some very profound thoughts on how to raise funds.  The campus at Pitt Community College was ideal for learning.”

Several of the Rotarians attending were from outside District 7720.  The RLI program is consistent throughout all of the Rotary Districts so that training occurring in one district will be the same as in another district.  This allows the Rotarian to complete all three courses in less time by only having to travel a few miles more to attend an out-of-district program.

If you want to learn more about Rotary than you already know, pick up some good ideas for your club, be kept up-to-date on what is taking place at Rotary International, and be with some great and enthusiastic people, sign up for RLI.

You can find a list of upcoming events or by going to the RLIZone33 website.

A special thanks to Rotarians who assisted: PDG Lee & Ed Adams, Pitt County Interact Club with Advisor – Lauren Piner, District Training Chair – Crystal Ange, PP Frank Maynard, DGE Stan Keeler, PP Mary Vincent, DG Jim Findley.

Dave Iery

District 7720 RLI chair


Pictures bellow are our Part III Graduates


Pictures in Class from left to right; Lorna Ernst (Kitty Hawk Club) Deeda Durocher ( New Bern Breakfast Club), Linda Chagnon  (Neuse Club), Corina Wack (Murfreesboro Club), Bill Thomas (Goldsboro -Three Eagles Club), Steve Hellersperk (RLI Faculty), and Paul Olson (Oriental Club)

We were also glad to have participation from PDG Lee Adams, DG Jim Findley, and DGE Stan Keller. Jim welcomed the group during the opening session. Jim and Stan (both RLI Graduates and Faculty Members) presented the pins to our six graduates. RLI greatly appreciates the support we received from the District 7720 leadership.

LaPlata, MD Event

District 7620 Finished 2016 with a Flare!

Scheduled a Friday (new) in the woods (in MD close to VA) and we get a wonderful spread of Rotarians from WV on the West and Delaware on the East. Maybe we are on to something… Of note that 7620 is proud of, this class of graduates, includes Rich Glover the DGND, 7 out of the last 8 in our DG Team. Another accolade – the RC of Historic Prince Georges County has decided that there is no better way to get new members understanding what Rotary is about – they are paying for Part I and half of Part II and Part III. Can any of you out there match that??? I think I need an audio recorder. The joy, enthusiasm, and pure heartfelt exuberance during the delivery of graduation certificates was nothing short of astounding.

Part I Class

Part I Class

District 7620 Joined Zone 33 RLI three years ago moving from the Northeast Division following our district reassignment from Zone 32 to Zone 33 three years before that. Logical but slow in coming to fruition. A few bumps in the road at the start but now we are fully integrated into Zone 33 RLI. Lots of help on the way – thank you Zone 33 RLI leadership for that help.

Part II Class

Part II Class

One parting challenge, all Rotarians take Part I and then evaluate. For what you ask? Finish Parts II and III and then join the faculty to continue the traditions of the séances to Cary – watching Steve Cook devour oysters!!! (Well there is a lot offered there besides this show but it is fun to watch.)

La Plata Part III Photo

The Graduates: Ray Bryant (Rehoboth Beach Sunrise), Pat Campbell-White (Rehoboth Beach Sunrise), Ronnie Davis (Southern Harford County), Richard Glover (Southern Frederick County), Suzanne Green (Southern Harford County), Kevin Hurley (Annapolis), Joe Moxey (Historic Prince Georges County), Olive Onwukwe (Historic Prince Georges County), Denny Parker (Lexington Park), Paul White (Newburg)

District 7710-7730 Conference

RLI at – D7710/7730 District Conference

April 29-May 1, 2016 in Wilmington NC

2016-04-30 hellersperk RLI 7730-7710

RLI Table at the D7710/7730 District Conference

Were you there?

If you were not at the D710/D7730 combined District Conference on April 29 through May 1, you missed it!

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) Provides a venue for new Rotarians and future Rotarian leaders to learn the intricacies about Rotary and the Foundation in informal facilitated sessions.  During the combined District 7710/7730 conference at the Riverside Hilton in Wilmington, North Carolina, RLI provided the opportunity for attending Rotarians to Walk the Walk and Talk the Talk and have some fun doing it.

How do you create a service Project and donate funds?  With a water theme RLI held a raffle demonstrating Rotary math.  Featuring George Lewis, The Water Man’s paintings and a book of his paintings published by Dr, Phyllis Olmstead, plus one of George’s paintings, RLI pulled curious and interested parties in.  We offered all Rotarians a chance for $10 to help support a water project in Guatemala and win a free RLI session, plus some additional prizes.

We collected a total of $1,500.  Rotarians present supporting great causes.  You made it Happen!

The Grand Prize to one winner was:  one free RLI session, $500 in cash, 500 Foundation Recognition points and one free Oil 4 Water book, by Dr. Phyllis Olmstead.  Our winner was Bob Stinson. South Brunswick Islands Club.   Congratulations Bob.


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