Mid-Atlantic Spring RLI Webinars


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Our ability to conduct “In-Person” RLI Events has been shut down since last February due to the Covid -19 virus. During that period, our team has been working diligently to develop a virtual program. We are pleased to report that it started by rolling out a number of sessions in February. It is our expectation that by the fall of this year we will be able to return to “In-Person” Events, but also expect that Virtual events will be included in our offering.


As in the past, these virtual events are hosted by one of our Rotary Districts. As with our “In-Person” events they will be open to all within our Rotary Zone. The difference is that now you will be able to attend while sitting at home without the need to travel sometimes many miles. We have all learned to be comfortable attending meetings with business associates, friends and family using Zoom. These sessions will all use that same format.


Previously most of the events were one day in length and included all three Parts I, II, & III. You will note that these virtual events may only be one part and may occur over several days. For example, a Saturday Morning and Sunday Afternoon.


You may register for the events either though the links on the left side of this page or through the dacdb calendar.

Mid Atlantic RLI Fall Semester

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is an organization focused on strengthening Clubs and Rotarians by providing opportunities for learning through sharing experiences with other Rotarians.  Unfortunately, the Covid-19 situation has prevented us from offering many of our normal face-to-face training sessions this spring.


As planning proceeds for the coming year, a group of dedicated individuals are working diligently to develop an RLI online learning program. As soon as it is complete, we will be rolling that out for use through the participating Districts.  We are committed to creating a quality product, and that will necessitate taking the time to get it right.  We solicit your patience as we work to create this online learning experience.


We also look forward to conducting face-to-face RLI training sessions this fall.  Scheduling those training sessions will be on a district-by-district basis predicated on the rules for crowds and gatherings laid-out by the local government authorities.  These training sessions may be somewhat abbreviated and only held in locations where limiting the number of people gathered in one place is appropriate.


The message to all Rotarians and our district leaders is that RLI is a viable organization focused on providing quality learning and that we have leaders and faculty ready to provide learning assistance to every district in whatever ways that district leadership deems appropriate.  Even though RLI may not have a multitude of training sessions on the schedule in your district today, RLI is committed to assisting with the training needs of each of your districts.


We appreciate your patience and support as we our work on developing our program for the coming year.

Find Your Passion in Rotary

The purpose of the Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI) is to strengthen your club and strengthen your life. Rotary provides an opportunity for all of us to provide service to our community and throughout the world. (Service Above Self) With that service comes a learning experience in the areas of leadership, team building, planning, marketing, communication and organization. RLI provides an opportunity to enrich that learning through sharing experiences and ideas with other Rotarians throughout the region.

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